How to Remove Water From a Pneumatic Air Line

Hello, my name is Chad Kauffman and I’ve been in the pneumatics industry for nearly 20 years now. Through my years I’ve visited many, many different types of plants and facilities, and a very common problem that I get asked about quite a bit, is “how do I get the water out of my air lines?”

Especially in the south this time of year, it’s a common problem for everybody as the temperature warms up. Air gets heated up and compressed in the compressor, gets out into the normal atmosphere of a plant and a facility, cools down a little bit, water forms, before you know it you’ve got water running through your air lines and all kinds of problems soon thereafter. So it’s a common and very costly problem that we all experience. It can cause major damage to your equipment, to your air tools, to a lot of the other components on the machine from the pneumatic valves, to the pneumatic actuators, to the pressure switches, sensors, etc.  Big problem, and costs can really skyrocket in that quite quickly.

One question we get quite a bit is “I have basic filtration already on my equipment or in my facility, why am I getting air in my airlines.” The answer to that is most filtration is designed to remove particulates and not necessarily moisture. So what we’ve got is a very nice solution that’s called the AMG micro mist separator manufactured by SMC Corporation.

This unit is a point of use filter that is strictly there to remove water. It removes up to 99.9% of all moisture in an airline. Again it is a point of use product. You put it right where you need it, where you have water issues. It pulls the water out and gives you clean dry air, keeping your tools up and running, reduce down time, etc. It’s very economical, typically cost is under $100 and it’s a great solution for point of use problems you are having in your airline. If you are in a facility where you are experiencing a more serious water problem where you’ve got water through all of your airlines in the entire facility, we would probably come out and recommend a series of filtration at the compressor, followed by an air dryer. An air dryer is a little bit more expensive but it is going to provide your plant with clean dry air, reduce your downtime, and save you a lot of money on replacement components.

If you would like more information about the AMG or the air dryer or the other services that we offer please go to innovative and click on the knowledge center, after all we are Home of the Legendary Customer Experience.

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