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How To Stretch Your Facilities Maintenance Budget

November 12, 2014

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Hi I’m gene gray. Welcome to innovative IDMs intergalactic headquarters. Are you a manufacturing facility a plant with automated machinery, conveyors, and robots, all kinds of things spinning around and moving? Well you’ve got to keep it up and running. Sometimes that’s a stressful thing to do, and expensive, so let’s talk about a couple ways that buzz and I have been discussing that can potentially help you stretch your maintenance dollar, get the most out of that buck, help your budget go just a little bit further.
Now it’s important that when you talk about stretching your maintenance budget that you think about your supply chain. It’s not just the cost of parts, anybody’s going to tell you that that’s important, sure that’s important, but it’s not the most important, but it’s not unimportant. Now I’ve been in this business since 1989 and I’ve found by visiting many different factories that they’re all different, they don’t have the same capabilities. Some of them have different styles of maintenance teams heavier in mechanical or electrical, some have engineering departments, and some don’t have any of that. So what do you do, how do you keep it up and running?
Well one of the things you need to do is preventative maintenance programs and most of you probably know, do those right now, some of you have heard about it, when you have that pm program are you using hot spares? I mean you’ve got that spare sitting over there on the shelf when you bought it but the last time you had a controlled shut down did you install it, take out the other one you know was working fine, to make sure the spare actually works? To make sure that your maintenance people do have the skill set to practice putting that in, in a break down situation. If not, you might want to do that.
When something that’s expensive breaks, you want to stretch your dollar, get it repaired, send it to Innovative IDM we have an in house electronic repair department. Now if you’re one of those plants that don’t have all the resources that you need, maybe you’ve got a controlled shut down coming up, and you have a big project and you need some field service staff. Well outsource it. Innovative has a 24/7 365 field service team. We can send you the extra boots you need to get on the ground to get that project done. Maybe the thing that’s broke down or the problem that your having is too complicated for the staff you have, or like we’ve talked about maybe that guys on vacation, well give us a call we’d be happy to help you out.
Now you really want to get the most out of this dollar, you don’t want to call innovative just when you’re broke down, give us a shout so we can get out there, you can meet our field service team techs before that ever happens, we can get to know your machines, we can get to know your processes, that way if it’s in the middle of the night, production uptime is super important, we can be efficient as a team mate.
Now putting together a company that’s got field service technicians, a repair center, things that we can help you with from an outsourcing perspective, to make sure that your supply chain is playing a part in stretching your budget, why would we go through the trouble to do something like that? Huh buzz why would we do that? Well buzz knows it’s simple it’s innovative, were home to the legendary customer experience.

Thank You: Veterans Day 2014

November 11, 2014

I never served in our military, but I thank those who have whenever I can. I thank them at airport terminals and at cab stands. I see them at the State Fair wearing caps designating them from wars 60 years ago and I thank them; I see them at the mall or at baseball games wearing t-shirts or vests mentioning wars 30 years ago and I thank them.

I thank my dad and my uncle. I thank my co-workers at Innovative-IDM:

Dan Mahoney – Army (Sales Houston)

Danny Causey – Army (IT)

Mike Adams – Army (Sales Baton Rouge)

Percy Foster – Army (Field Service Dallas)


CD Oyeka – Navy (Technician Dallas)

Gene Gray – Navy (Utility Player)

James Nairn – Navy (Board Repair)

John Gray – Navy (Sales Dallas)

Lonnie Gillilan – Navy (Field Service Dallas)

Lonnie Muse – Navy (Field Service Dallas)

Mark Phelps – Navy (Board Repair)

Mike Terlesky – Navy (Engineer Houston)

Steve Lyons, Sr. – Navy (FAE Houston)


Jeff Smith – Air Force (Field Service Houston)

Jesse Simental – Air Force (Corporate Ops Dallas)

Jim Bishop – Air Force (Board Repair)


David Holmes – Marines (Technician, Board Repair)

Dustin Green – Marines (Sales Dallas)

Natasha Richardson – Marines (FAE Houston)

e-LEMON-ators Take the Dallas LCS win for October

November 6, 2014

Congratulations to the e-LEMON-ators, winners of the DFW LCS trophy for the month of October! Team member Paul Robison also took away the title of Best Host for conducting a donut eating contest when hosting his first-ever morning Hoopla meeting. When asked to comment on the victory, team captain Loren Henderson said “It was a tough battle with The 1% this month, but I think the most LEGENDARY team came out on top. We look forward to two more victories this year.”

e-LEMON-ators win Legendary Customer Service cup in October

The e-LEMON-ators: Ross Poste, Jesse Simental, Todd Mueller, Paul Robison. Tiffany Hopwood, JP Childress, Todd Fox (not pictured)    

How To Choose A Field Service Organization

November 4, 2014

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Hello I’m gene gray, buzz and I were sitting around here today at the intergalactic headquarters of innovative and we were talking about a field service organization. And we were thinking, we’ve got a pretty good one, but what’s important to our customers when they choose who to partner with, and more importantly to those customers who haven’t yet picked a field service organization.

Now are you a company that has an automated production facility, you know a factory that’s got equipment like conveyors, robots, different machines that spin around, go back and forth, maybe make paper, steel, who knows. I’ve been at this since 1989 one thing that I found is that regardless of the type of factory that you have when the plant breaks down everybody gets focused, its amazing. It doesn’t matter whether your maintenance, you’re in purchasing, plant management, the focus is to get the plant back up and running, and it makes sense. That sense of urgency needs to be translated and in order for you to pick a good field services organization to come out and help you if you need help you know that hired gun, well they have to have the experience and that staff that understand that sense of urgency.

Now those hired guns, those are the cowboys you know, they love to ride in, the machine is broke down, they’ve got people looking at them, several guys in shirts, some guys in ties, you know staring at their back working on the machine, its high stress, they fix the machine, and they ride out of town they take great satisfaction out of that. These cowboys, one of the things they like is “hey there’s another American factory back in production.”

Now Innovative IDM has been in the field service business since 1971 it’s that experience, it’s the staff that’s been at it for a long time, it’s our culture that helps us understand the sense of urgency, that when you break down that’s the most important thing in the world to you and us. It’s our job to help you get back up and running. We are available 24/7 365. Our field service staff have decades of experience, we continue to bring in new field service technicians right out of school so that we can train and bring up the new generation of field service technicians in this industry, we team them up with field service people who have been in this for 20, some 30 years. So whether you’ve got a machine that’s broke down, or you’ve got a big project that’s coming up where you need a bunch of people to come in, in a controlled shutdown and help you conquer a big project give us a call.

And while we take the time to put together a field service organization like this, top notch, great reputation, just ask for our references. How do we do that? How do we do that buzz? Well why it’s Innovative, home of the legendary customer experience.