Thank You: Veterans Day 2014

I never served in our military, but I thank those who have whenever I can. I thank them at airport terminals and at cab stands. I see them at the State Fair wearing caps designating them from wars 60 years ago and I thank them; I see them at the mall or at baseball games wearing t-shirts or vests mentioning wars 30 years ago and I thank them.

I thank my dad and my uncle. I thank my co-workers at Innovative-IDM:

Dan Mahoney – Army (Sales Houston)

Danny Causey – Army (IT)

Mike Adams – Army (Sales Baton Rouge)

Percy Foster – Army (Field Service Dallas)


CD Oyeka – Navy (Technician Dallas)

Gene Gray – Navy (Utility Player)

James Nairn – Navy (Board Repair)

John Gray – Navy (Sales Dallas)

Lonnie Gillilan – Navy (Field Service Dallas)

Lonnie Muse – Navy (Field Service Dallas)

Mark Phelps – Navy (Board Repair)

Mike Terlesky – Navy (Engineer Houston)

Steve Lyons, Sr. – Navy (FAE Houston)


Jeff Smith – Air Force (Field Service Houston)

Jesse Simental – Air Force (Corporate Ops Dallas)

Jim Bishop – Air Force (Board Repair)


David Holmes – Marines (Technician, Board Repair)

Dustin Green – Marines (Sales Dallas)

Natasha Richardson – Marines (FAE Houston)

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2 Comments on “Thank You: Veterans Day 2014”

  1. Karen Felder Says:

    Things like this always choke me up.

  2. Gene Gray Says:

    Great video clip. It would be difficult to get shipped out with a young family at home. What a sacrifice.

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