How To Choose A Field Service Organization

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Hello I’m gene gray, buzz and I were sitting around here today at the intergalactic headquarters of innovative and we were talking about a field service organization. And we were thinking, we’ve got a pretty good one, but what’s important to our customers when they choose who to partner with, and more importantly to those customers who haven’t yet picked a field service organization.

Now are you a company that has an automated production facility, you know a factory that’s got equipment like conveyors, robots, different machines that spin around, go back and forth, maybe make paper, steel, who knows. I’ve been at this since 1989 one thing that I found is that regardless of the type of factory that you have when the plant breaks down everybody gets focused, its amazing. It doesn’t matter whether your maintenance, you’re in purchasing, plant management, the focus is to get the plant back up and running, and it makes sense. That sense of urgency needs to be translated and in order for you to pick a good field services organization to come out and help you if you need help you know that hired gun, well they have to have the experience and that staff that understand that sense of urgency.

Now those hired guns, those are the cowboys you know, they love to ride in, the machine is broke down, they’ve got people looking at them, several guys in shirts, some guys in ties, you know staring at their back working on the machine, its high stress, they fix the machine, and they ride out of town they take great satisfaction out of that. These cowboys, one of the things they like is “hey there’s another American factory back in production.”

Now Innovative IDM has been in the field service business since 1971 it’s that experience, it’s the staff that’s been at it for a long time, it’s our culture that helps us understand the sense of urgency, that when you break down that’s the most important thing in the world to you and us. It’s our job to help you get back up and running. We are available 24/7 365. Our field service staff have decades of experience, we continue to bring in new field service technicians right out of school so that we can train and bring up the new generation of field service technicians in this industry, we team them up with field service people who have been in this for 20, some 30 years. So whether you’ve got a machine that’s broke down, or you’ve got a big project that’s coming up where you need a bunch of people to come in, in a controlled shutdown and help you conquer a big project give us a call.

And while we take the time to put together a field service organization like this, top notch, great reputation, just ask for our references. How do we do that? How do we do that buzz? Well why it’s Innovative, home of the legendary customer experience.

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