Team Blues Clues Loses Our Marbles!!


A crazy circus with nerf gun targets, the Wizard of Oz characters, a neon maze full of games, a dunk tank for managers, …..DODGE BALL??

Who does all this at work? Only a LEGENDARY company like Innovative IDM!  As a newbie I sure didn’t expect any of this at our new employee event.  But, this is what we did!

Just goes to show what an awesome, unique, “out of the box”,  truly legendary place Innovative IDM is.  I am so excited and happy to be on this team with this company.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here!


– Carol Mathews

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3 Comments on “Team Blues Clues Loses Our Marbles!!”

  1. benbergeson2014 Says:

    This has been the funnest week I have ever had at work! What a great way to get all us newbies the knowledge we need to help grow the business! Great work Team Innovative!!!!!!

  2. dustingreene2014 Says:

    No way to expect what we had in store. What a fun, crazy and informative week!!

  3. Glad we could be help boost the fun meter on new employee training. Thanks for being a good sport, Carol

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