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Buzz Welcomes Anna Patino to Innovative-IDM

August 29, 2014

Please join Buzz in welcoming Anna Patino to to the Innovative-IDM Dallas Warehouse team. Anna started with Innovative three months ago through a staffing agency and has definitely impressed us with her work ethic and attention to detail. She has embraced all of Innovative’s values and culture and has officially joined our team/family.  We look forward to seeing her contributions and growth within the company.

Buzz Welcomes Anna Patino to Innovative-IDM

Yet….another happy customer

August 28, 2014

Stephen Weatherley, our Houston branch manager, received this email from one of Innovative-IDM’s Houston customers. Yes, we aim to please.

From: Daniel
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:41 PM
To: Stephen Weatherley
Cc: Brandt King
Subject: Innovative Sales Support – Brandt King


I wanted to take a minute to say [we] appreciate the support we get form your sales team as a whole. In particular Outside Sales, Brandt King. He is responsive and recently was instrumental in helping one of my Electrical Designers source and spec in a light curtain system. The system he brought to the table was a better option, more inexpensive and mostly saved us on lead time. We all know you can`t put a price on time during these busy months. We look forward to future projects and continued support from Innovative.

Daniel, Purchasing Manager

5 Reasons You Need An Industrial Preventive Maintenance Plan

August 26, 2014


Hi, I’m Lonnie Muse with Innovative IDM in a perfect world things work all the time, they never break, you never have problems.

Unfortunately, you and I are not in a perfect world. Whether it be our car, washing machine or home air conditioning, our kids bike or a plant; things are going to break. What we want to do is catch it before it breaks.

Like our car for instance; you change the oil on a regular basis, you change the tires on a regular basis. That’s so you don’t have the issue of a flat tire when you least expect it.

Murphy will strike every single time. The same effects happen in a plant. You have machines that run 24/7 sometimes and if we don’t have maintenance on those machines they will break.

One of the reasons to have a maintenance program is its cost-effective. That’s also the thing that keeps it from happening. Cost seems to be an issue.

In my experience cost has never been an issue when the machines broke. But it’s always an issue when the machine is running.

So, we have to take those factors into consideration. Studies show its more cost effective to do preventive or predictive or maintenance on a machine to improve its long-term reliability.

Improve its long-term reliability, you catch problems before they actually happen. The way to do that and catching the problem is do visual checks. To do air tests to make sure the flow of air coming in and out of panels is correct and the heat is being dissipated.

Because that’s one of the killers for a lot of machines. We’re doing temperature checks again to check the heat. Check voltages on things that change over time.

By doing this you reduce the risk of the machine going down. If you reduce the risk, you reduce the cost.

Because its costly to have a downed machine especially when the production is a hot job for a customer that needs to go out right now and the machine is now down and its going to take time to fix it.

Also, having a maintenance program is flexible allows you to determine when that machine can be offline and for how long. Because murphy strikes and it breaks, you don’t have to choice.

Also this maintenance can help you understand what the spares needed are. Spares management, replace things before they break when they need it and they’re aging or slowing down or not working well is a lot better than when they fail.

We’d like to help with that and your maintenance plan. We’d be happy to come and look at your machines; help you develop one, help you work at one.

Another cost effective thing that you can do is outsource the people that are coming into do the program. We could be those people for you.

For more information just go to look under field
service, you can also give me a call at our office or one of the field service managers will be happy to talk with you.

After all, we’re the home of the legendary customer experience.

Buzz Welcomes Lamar Cheatham to Innovative-IDM

August 25, 2014

Please join Buzz in welcoming Lamar Cheatham to Innovative-IDM!  Before coming to Innovative, Lamar worked for OMK Tube in Sheldon, Texas and he attended Houston Community College. In his spare time, he loves to go fishing.

Buzz Welcomes Lamar Cheatham to Innovative-IDM

July LCS Winners Revisited!

August 22, 2014

Blue Moon Friday wins Legendary Customer Service Cup in July

It’s halfway through the month and we wanted to revisit last month’s customer service team winners – Blue Moon Friday!!

It was a tough race but these Legendary individuals were able to pull through to win a Free Team Lunch on the company and a half day off. The LCS cup has become a very competitive competition here at Innovative IDM but through peer recognized Legendary Acts this team took the cup.

“You ain’t nothing on my Thank You cards!!”

Team Tulsa hosts their first SMC training

August 21, 2014

The training room at Innovative-IDM Tulsa was full again last week with customers enjoying SMC Basic and Electro Pneumatics classes. Legendary trainer Raul Gonzalez of SMC, sharing his expertise and humor, always gets rave reviews. Interested in equipment training? Check out our current training schedule.

Team Tulsa hosts their first SMC Pneumatics training class

Innovative-IDM Makes INC 5000 List for 7th Time

August 20, 2014

It’s official and in print. Innovative-IDM has made the top 5000 fastest growing private companies for SEVEN OF THE LAST EIGHT YEARS. This award annually recognizes the fastest growing private companies in the United States. Innovative-IDM has grown revenue by 84% from 2010 to 2013.

This is a tribute to our customers and the many IIDMers who serve them.


How To Control High Voltage Spikes

August 19, 2014

Hi, my name is Andy Lewis with Innovative IDM. A lot of the times when I’m out in the industrial sector, I find a lot of my customers have problems with transients aka surges, sags or swells. Generally, what occurs here is due to your utility company who provides a power factor correction.

Now, this can be done in a variety of ways. Switching due to time, temperature or it could be fixed based upon certain times of the day or temperature once again. Whenever this occurs this actually sends a spike throughout your electrical circuit through your service entrance down to your intermediary bus duct and right into your machines.

What does this cause? Parameter failure and or loss, plc reset and down time due to machines having to be restarted. This causes a lot of problems for production, lots of money, lots of time and headache.

There’s a couple of ways you can fix it actually, at the service entrance you can actually use a mov and selenium stack transient suppression unit. What this does is, the mov’s will take on the instantaneous voltage spike but it can’t handle it for too long because they’re self sacrificing.

What will happen then is there’s a handshake from the mov’s (metal oxide varistors) to the selenium stack which will handle the brute force of the transient. After that, you could actually have surge protection in a intermediary way at the bus duct which will include once again the mov’s and the selenium stack but once again, not in as large of a size.

Finally, at point of use you could actually use mov’s to help protect the machine from anything that’s come down stream already.

If you’d like more information on this please contact us at and remember Innovative IDM is the home of the legendary customer experience.



50 kids every 15 minutes…

August 18, 2014

This is not the number of kids standing in line to ride a roller coaster. It’s the number of children who will arrive to receive school supplies collected, sorted and packaged by Metrocrest Services, Innovative-IDM and many other volunteers.

It was a privilege to spend the day with my fellow co-workers organizing and stuffing bags full of back-to-school goodies. Your donations of crayons, notebooks and other school supplies will be distributed to over 1,000 local students. Now that’s LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY.

“I want to work for a company that contributes to and is part of the community. I want something not just to invest in. I want something to believe in.”  — Anita Roddick

I can proudly say I do work for a company that gives back to the community. Great job Innovators, you should be proud. We donated $480 in supplies plus the EXTRA LEGENDARY dollar-for-dollar match from IIDM president Gene Gray.

Back-to-School without Supplies? Not today…  — Britt Welch

Buzz Welcomes Bryan Hill to Innovative-IDM

August 13, 2014

Please join Buzz in welcoming Bryan Hill to the Houston Engineering Team. Bryan is originally from the Dallas area, having grown up in Irving. Bryan attended the University of Houston, where he earned his BS in Computer Engineering degree. Bryan spent the last few years working as a Software Engineer writing C software, PLC programs and programing microcontrollers. We are excited to have Bryan as part of our Engineering design team and are looking forward to the energy and confidence he will bring to the Innovative-IDM team.

Buzz Welcomes Bryan Hill to Innovative-IDM