Avoiding Voltage Hazards Using a Digital Drive and Externally Mounted Keypad

Hi, I’m Lonnie Muse with Innovative IDM. OSHA says
I have to get dressed like this to go in and change
parameters on digital drives in a high-powered panel.

Or… you could dress like this and change
your digital parameters on your digital drive from the
outside by buying a kit. A through the door panel

150 bucks, not a big deal…

Let me tell you it will save your company money
in the long run by not buying all the ppe equipment that
you have to have to get into a panel of high voltage.

It will keep your employees safe and that’s probably
the most important. Keep them out of harm’s way because
we all know those types of accident or incidents are
money in the long run not worth spending.

If you need more information go to our website
InnovativeIDM.com look for the white papers in our
technical knowledge center or give us a call and one
of our applications Guys or field service guys will be

more than happy to talk with you about how to accomplish
this by keeping your people safe and not spending very
much to do it. As always Innovative IDM we’re the
home of legendary customer experience!

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One Comment on “Avoiding Voltage Hazards Using a Digital Drive and Externally Mounted Keypad”

  1. jeff.smith Says:

    Good information. It looks like the Boogie Man needs a larger size Nomex jump suit.

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