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WAGO: X-COM S – 2022 Series

June 30, 2014

WAGO part

The 2022 series of X-COM®S offers a pluggable connection system to terminate up to 12 AWG wire. Available in 2, 3, and 4 conductor single deck blocks, as well as double deck versions, the 2022 series of X-COM®S  allows the system to be ‘prewired’ to save time and prevent wiring errors.

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Yaskawa V1000 Drive

June 27, 2014

The V1000 is a world-class compact current vector drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa pays off the promise of being in control with products that make businesses move. The optimum balance of energy input, product output, maintenance risk, and long life is reached with Yaskawa. The V1000 provides a world of power in the palm of your hand!

The V1000 is the flagship drive of the V1000 Family, which also includes the V1000-4X.

Yaskawa V1000 Drive

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SMC MQR, Low Torque Metal Seal Manifold

June 25, 2014

SMC MQR, manifold





The low torque, metal seal, rotary joint series MQR makes it possible to supply air to rotating and sliding components. Rotational torque is unaffected by supply pressure and temperature fluctuations. The use of metal seals prevents the spool from sticking to the rotating surface even after a long period of non- operation. Piping ports are aligned in a spiral line for easy piping.

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How Do I Retrofit A DC Drive to AC Drive

June 24, 2014

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Hi, I’m Adam Ring with Innovative-IDM. The other day I was having lunch and somebody asked me ‘how do you go about converting from a DC drive system to an AC drive system?’ I thought it might be a good idea to make a quick video. Other people might have that same question.

So there’s a few things you want to take a look at. Number one is ‘what’s the speed that your DC motor is running at? Another thing you want to look at is what is the amount of torque that your application requires? Based on those two pieces of information, you can go back and calculate how much horsepower that you need, and then make sure that you replace your DC with an equivalent  AC motor and drive that are going to give you at least that amount of speed, at least that amount of torque, and one of the cool things that happens when you actually switch from a DC to an AC, is with a DC you get constant torque throughout the speed range, and that’s one of the reasons a lot of people apply them is because when you are going really slow you can get a fairly constant torque, all the way up to your max speed.

With AC drive technology today, with a closed look flux vector, you actually get the same kind of performance, all the way down to zero speed. You can have 100% of your motors torque down to zero speed. As far as solving the applications, it’s going to be able to respond very quickly, give you the full torque across the entire speed range, and it’s actually more efficient because of the way that the design works. So you actually at the end of the day get to save some of your current that’s required to do a similar application, which basically translates into cost savings for power.

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Omron H7EC Self-Powered Count Totalizer

June 23, 2014

Omron H7EC Self-powered count totalizer

The H7EC series of totalizers have a 8.6mm character height large display. The H7EC serires includes models with backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit places.
H 24 x W 48 x D 55.5mm
8 digits, 8.6mm character height
Black or light-grey housing
Dual input speed: 30Hz 1kHz
Short body: all models have a depth of 48.5mm

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Parker LCR Series

June 20, 2014

Parker LCR Series

The ideal solution for OEM instrument manufacturers, the LCR Series offers a reduced overall cost of ownership and a complete solution including amplifier/drive, motor, actuator, bearings, seals, and limit sensors.
Applications Include:

Sample prep
Liquid handling
Microtiter automation
Elevators and storage/retreival axis
LCR Design Features
Belt drive or lead screw drive versions
22 and 30 frame sizes
Stepper or servo motor options
Integrated drive option
Rugged square rail design or economical slider bushing design
Parker global limit sensors for reduced inventory
Encoder feedback option
Direct inline or parallel motor mounting options
Connectorized cables for ease of installation

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Wago 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module

June 18, 2014

Now, the 753-647 Module also supports up to 64 sensor addresses in addition to 64 DALI actuators. This eliminates the need for installing sensor-only parallel buses. This saves time and money. Commissioning and management of the DALI networks has also been markedly simplified.

Wago 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module

Installation time is reduced and the network structure is rendered clearer – the bottom line is that the use of DALI is now more profitable than before. The new 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module supports up to 64 sensor addresses, eliminating the need for installing additional bus systems (e.g., for brightness measurement or presence detection).

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