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Buzz welcomes Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM

April 29, 2014

Join Buzz in welcoming Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM! Grant joins Innovative-IDM after three years with Atlas Copco Compressors LLC and five years with Sprecher+Schuh, both in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Alpine, Texas and his hobbies/interests include kids, sports, and guns.

Buzz welcomes Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM

SMC CH(D)Q Specialty Actuator

April 28, 2014

CH series hydraulic cylinders are available in compact, round body, JIS or tie-rod types. Nominal pressure ranges from 3.5MPa to 16MPa. Bore sizes are available, depending on the series, from 20 to 160. Auto switches are available on most models.

SMC, CH(D)Q actuator

For more information or to order your CH(D)Q Special Actuators contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or send us an email at

Clean Electrical Panels Save Money

April 26, 2014

Hi, I’m Adam Ring with Innovative IDM.
You ever walked up to a control panel and it just looks like a complete rat’s nest in there? Do you ever wonder what would be the value in having a nice clean control panel and how can that save you money?

Well, There’s three main reasons:
Number 1 – It’s going to last longer.
Number 2 – It’s going to be a lot easier to troubleshoot in the end.
Number 3 – It’s going to be a lot easier to repair if something were to break.

Now let’s take a closer look inside this panel you’ll notice that there are labels on every device that identify it according to what it’s called out on the schematic.

Also, every single wire that terminates into a terminal block has a label on the wire that actually matches the label on the terminal block. So, if that wire was ever to come out or you had to replace a component, it would be very easy to make sure that it gets placed back in the right location.

Also, if you just take a look at the general wiring in this panel you’ll see that everything is very nice and neat and very organized and just has a really nice look to it.

Wires transition from the door inside the panel you notice there’s spiral wrap that add an extra layer of protection so that if the wires rub against the door from being opened and closed it makes sure that it doesn’t wear through the insulation and cause electrical problems.

Finally, you’ll notice that there’s also stainless steel hardware that’s mounting each of these devices to the panel and that’s what gives that extra longevity so that it doesn’t break down over time due to corrosion.

So, remember a clean panel is more than just looking good, its going to help save money by lasting longer, being easier to troubleshoot and easy to repair.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how Innovative IDM can help you build clean control panels visit our website and if you’d like we could have you in for
a tour and show you around the place.

Remember, Innovative the home of the legendary customer experience!

Omron STI D4GS-N Slim Safety Door Switches

April 25, 2014

Omron STI introduces D4GS-N Slim Safety Door Switches. Just 17 mm  wide and featuring IP67 protection, The tongue actuated D4GS-N is designed to fit in skinny spaces subject to water washdown cleaning. A reversible design enables either front or rear mounting, and an operation key with unique rubber mounting holes absorbs vibration and shock.

Omron STI, D4GS-N Slim Safety Door Switches

If you would like more information about these new safety door switches contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or email us at

How To Remove Water From Pneumatic Air Lines

April 24, 2014

Hello my name is Chad Kauffman and I’ve been in the pneumatics industry for nearly twenty years now. Through my years I’ve visited many, many different types of plants and facilities and a very common problem that I get asked about quite a bit is ” how do I get the water out of my air line?”

Especially in the south this time of year it’s a common problem for everybody. As the temperature warms up air gets heated up and compressed in a compressor it gets out into the normal atmosphere of a plant or facility it cools down little bit, water forms and before you know it you’ve got water running through your air lines and all kinds of problems soon thereafter.

It’s a common and very costly problem that we all experience. It can cause major damage to you equipment, to your air tools and a lot of the other components on the machine from the pneumatic valves to the pneumatic actuators, to pressure switches, sensors etc.

A big problem and costs can really skyrocket and add up quite quickly. One question we get quite a bit is ” I have basic filtration already on my equipment or in my facility, why am I getting air in my air line?” The answer to that is most filtration is designed to remove particulates not necessarily moisture.

So, what we’ve got is a very nice solution. It’s called the AMG micro mist separator manufactured by SMC corporation. This unit is a point of use filter that is strictly there to remove the water, it removes up to 99.99% of all moisture in an air line. Again, its a point of use product, you put it right where you need it, where you have water issues; it pulls the water out and it gives you clean dry air to keep your tools up and running, reduce down time, etc.

It’s very economical, typical cost is under $100 dollars and its a great solution for point of use problems that you’re having with water in your air lines. If you’re a facility or you’re experiencing a more serious water problem or you’ve got water through all of the air lines in the entire facility. We would probably come out and recommend a series of filtration at the compressor, followed by an air dryer.

An air dryer is a little more expensive but its going to provide your plant with clean, dry air, reduce your down time and save you a lot of money on replacement components.

If you’d like further information about the AMG or the air dryer or other services we offer, please go to click on the knowledge center. After all, we are the home of the legendary customer experience.

Buzz welcomes Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM

April 23, 2014

Join Buzz in welcoming Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM! Veronica joins Innovative-IDM after eight years with Hunting (Innova Electronics) in Houston, Texas and two years with the United States Navy in Groton, Conn. She grew up in Houston and earned a degree in Biomedical Equipment Specialization from Houston Community College, as well as a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the National Institute of Technology. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys reading, fishing, swimming, making things work and working on computers.

Buzz welcomes Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM

Omron PLC Training at Innovative-IDM Tulsa Store

April 22, 2014

After hosting technical training classes for four years in Tulsa a various hotel classrooms, we finally had our first technical training class today at the Innovative-IDM Tulsa facility. The subject was basic OMRON PLC training, and our students — it could be you, next time — were treated to a comfortable setting with instructor Matt Meeker. Tomorrow is advanced PLC training. You can find future training classes all over the Southwest offered by Innovative-IDM here.

Innovative-IDM Tulsa is located on the Northeast side of town, near I-244 and 169 at 10121 East Admiral Place. Or you can call us at 918.254.8646. Ask for Lorne. He might hook you up with a camo hat.

Also, Tulsa customers, our inaugural customer appreciation event for Tulsa is May 22 at our store. Food, fun and drinks. Y’all c’mon! Think you can make it?

Omron Stand-Alone Advanced Motion Controller Over EtherCAT

April 21, 2014

Omron, Trajexia, EtherCAT

The stand-alone Trajexia controller TJ2-MC64 together with an EtherCAT master TJ2-ECT provides a significant improvement in machine performance and accuracy allowing you to run your machines faster. Controlling all 64 axes with a minimum system cycle time and with the use of 64 bit integers,Trajexia TJ2 ensures the fastest operation at the highest accuracy.

For more information or to order your Omron Stand-Alone Advanced Motion Controller Over EtherCAT contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or email us at

SY Series Solenoid Valves Adds PC Wiring w/ Power Supply Terminal

April 18, 2014

SMC,SY Series Solenoid Valve

SMC’s flagship solenoid valves, SY Series has added a 6th electrical connector type option: PC Wiring with a dedicated power supply terminal. (Callout “G”)

Electrical Connector Types:

  • G – PC Wiring (20 pin) w/ Power Supply Terminal
  • J – PC Wiring (20 pin)
  • P – Flat Ribbon Cable (26 pin)
  • PG – Flat Ribbon Cable (20 pin)
  • PH – Flat Ribbon Cable (10 pin)
  • F – D-sub Connector (25 pin)

Available for flow sizes, SY3000/5000 and piping configurations:

  • 10 – Side Porting
  • 11 – Bottom Porting
  • 12 – Top Porting

Contact Innovative-IDM for more information or to order your SY Series Solenoid Valves and all your other SMC needs at 877-906-2100 or email us at

Kicking Off the Dallas Legendary Bar and Grill

April 15, 2014

The CIA was proud to kick off the very first Legendary Bar and Grill for Dallas yesterday. We had deliciously grilled fajitas prepared by our master chef, Jesse Simental, with the help of his fellow coworker, Jerome Cotton. The smell of sizzling fajitas permeated the air making mouths water.Grill
The smell of the food made everyone excited to eat. There was salsa, cheese, and jalapenos! Oh my! With the onions chopped, the lettuce sliced, and the tomatoes diced, we were ready to serve the food. Everyone gathered in line with smile on their face ready to partake in the delicious smelling food. Line2
After we had gobbled down the main course, we dug into dessert! We celebrated our April birthday boys, Steve Lyons Jr and Dave Oliver, by having homemade pies. There was cherry, key lime, and pecan. Yum! The pies were a big hit.
Overall, everyone in Dallas had a great time enjoying fajitas with their coworkers at Innovative. We look forward to having another Legendary Bar and Grill June 30! Did someone say chili cook off?….