Truly a Legendary Grill in Houston!!!






IMG_20140210_120749_776Smoked Salmon.. Perfectly grilled pork chops.. Boudin.. jalapeno poppers.. baked potatoes.. garlic bread………..Just WOW!!!! Look at the smiling customers, reps and Innovative Team Members. Truly a Legendary Grill!!!Thanks for brining the salmom Gene, and thanks everyone involved!!

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3 Comments on “Truly a Legendary Grill in Houston!!!”

  1. I need to make a trip to Houston……..great job everyone. Looks like a fun time!

  2. Gene Gray Says:

    I had an awesome time! Marc’s pork chops rocked! I’ll be making those this week for sure. The Tres Leche cake was very good too! Thanks Kroger…and Edwin for doing the B-day cake run.

  3. It just keeps getting better and better. Today we were able to host, Gene, Adam, 2 reps and 3 customers. A truly Legendary Bar & Grill! Thanks Marc and CIA!

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