Visionaries Kicking Off in White Water

exponential growth

During Les McKeown’s speech, it didn’t take many of us very long to make the correlation between his experiences and our recent woes as a company. After dropping revenue goals twice in a year, some may have assumed the worst and thought we had hit out revenue cap. That we, as a family, couldn’t reach any higher to achieve more with what we had. In a way we were right. We just didn’t know why.

I listened intently. Drawing observations of our structure, our goals and our people I was able to see exactly what I needed to do and what we as a company could do to move through our trials and tribulations.

We have the structure in place in parts and building processes for others, but with the new vision and with our new found knowledge. We now know why we are in the place we are and I do believe the entirety of the Innovative family can and will succeed in the near future, as well as the long term. Our newly hired Processors will give us the structure we need to build higher and forge forward. Adding in the innovation and inclusion of “6 Sigma” into our every action will keep us lean, refined and not overburdened with redundant tasks and processes; especially with us Visionaries in the mix and charging everything up 6S style.

I know what I need to do in the near and far to help Innovative IDM grow and succeed.

The question is… What do you have to do?

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