The Power of Google and Legendary Customer Service

Last month I get a call from a potential customer at 7 pm on a Sunday night asking if we did Field Service repairs.

As I talked with the potential customer I could tell that they were really in a bind over a piece of equipment being down. I told him that we did and asked about their situation and was told that this piece of equipment is the only one in North America capable of producing this certain part for a particular automobile and that it was an injection molding machine.

As we talked, I was told the plant was located in Dayton, Tenn., which is outside of our service area. The potential customer said he had tried everyone he knew and no one was available so he searched online for “Field Service” and we showed up.  I told him we would get back with him shortly.  And I made a few calls and our account rep, Memphis Mike Moore, said that he would talk to them.

I started gathering my tools and laptop when Mike called and said the customer wanted me there ASAP.  After an 8-hour drive I showed up at 3:30 am and we started looking at the machine and by 5 am had determined that it was not electrical and was asked if I could help troubleshoot the hydraulic system.  So 9 days and 156 hours later the machine was running and the customer was extremely happy.

— Dave Oliver

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