Visions of Flames

Twas the night before reality when all through my mind,

Not a sane thought was stirring, not even one kind.

See, there was a fire that would be lit with the utmost care,

And I would possibly walk on it in front of everyone there.

As I lay safely nuzzled that night in my bed,

Visions of flames flared in my head.

Didn’t my mother teach me to be safe?

All the while the next day I may burn at the stake.

When the time came, out on the lawn

I stood there with everyone looking upon

A blaze so big, a blaze so fierce

My feet questioning the soon-to-be pierce.

It was time to decide. What would I do?

Would I jump on this crazy train ride too?

You bet I did, I crushed those coals,

Never mind I no longer have soles.

— Vanessa Adams

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2 Comments on “Visions of Flames”

  1. markwofford Says:

    That was great and very creative Vanessa, 🙂

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