To Walk Or Not To Walk?

Before I even met Gene Gray or anyone else at Innovative IDM, I had heard about some of the “out there” ideas that Gene had implemented at IIDM. Being somewhat of a skeptic, I thought it was just a rumor and plain ole hooey, especially of all things, fire walking?

Well….having been at IIDM now for just under three months, participated in many of the daily ‘Hoopla’ meetings and even having hosted one myself, I now realize that it’s not hooey.

The chants, values and goals, have all become very real because the people behind them not only believe in them, but live by them. It is evidenced by all of the wonderful testimonials on this blog and shared in various Hoopla’s that I have been privileged enough to attend and continue happening everyday.

So, is that even a question? Fire walk? HECK yeah! Game ON!

— Richard Wines

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2 Comments on “To Walk Or Not To Walk?”

  1. richardwines Says:

    For sure and thanks Pep, right back atcha!

  2. Whether you walk or not, it will be a fun activity. Glad to have you aboard Wines, you rock!

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