The 2014 Firefight

WALK ON FIRE? Are you kidding me?

I had heard about this concept well before starting my position with Innovative. And I thought to myself, is this something I could do? Last year was my first time at kickoff, it was a blast but something was missing. It was the huge (make you think twice about what you’re doing) fire I had heard so much about.

I listened to the veteran employees while they talked about walking the fire and hoped in 2014 I’d get the chance to walk the walk. The next thing I did, and in hindsight was probably dumb, but I remember looking at the veteran employees’ feet. Searching for evidence they were terribly mangled and beyond repair from previous fire walks. I didn’t see any side effects… How did they do this? Did we have some secret team of Superheroes with the power to walk on fire?

As a marathon runner, I’m typically on my feet for over 5 hours! My feet keep me going. If I walk on fire will this help me prepare me for my next run? Yes! I think so! Walking on fire will be a personal experience and I won’t be afraid the fire will torch my feet. I’m sure it will be something I never forget. I know I won’t get a MEDAL at the end of the walk but instead I’ll get something much more. Confidence, strength and willpower. A true story of personal strength I can share with my fellow runners. So fire, I’m ready for the challenge to conquer you and look forward to being inspired by my fellow IIDMER’s. Bring it on!

— Carrie Castellanos

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  1. This is the 1000th blog post on the Innovative Behind the Scenes blog. Congratulations (and surprise!) to Carrie. And to think, it all started here:

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