My Second Hoopla

Hosting your first Hoopla is stressful! I spent days and days planning it, picking music that had a meaning. Buying supplies to play a game. Wondering if I’ll speak loud enough,  will my voice crack, will I forget what I’m suppose to say! That’s the type of things that kept me up at night.

My second Hoopla however, went very different. Picture it Dallas 2013. December. Ice, ice and more ice. Six brave (or less smart) souls made it to the office. Someone else from my team had hosting duties and was nowhere to be found. with mere seconds to plan threw on some Frosty the Snow Man and had a tight little huddle in the Hoopla room. We where loud. Real loud. The six of us where as energetic as ever. This spoke volumes to me. Hoopla isn’t just a meeting in the morning. It’s OUR meeting in the morning, it’s real and part of us. When a group is cut from around 40 to 6 it’s easy for the 6 to go through the motions, or to just say “well no one’s here let’s just skip it this morning”. Instead we rocked it. It was a great day.

— Stu Bissell

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