My First Time…..

This will be my first Innovative IDM Kick-Off and, of course, my first Fire Walk. I am excited and also somewhat anxious about the experience. I have heard a lot about the event. It was a big part of the culture interview even before I accepted the offer to work for Innovative IDM. Plus, once you visit the Carrollton office, you see the pictures and awards from past Kick-Off events. I have also talked to numerous fellow IIDMers about the event. So, the excitement and anxiousness I am feeling is understandable in my opinion.

What do I hope to gain from this experience? Obviously, I hope to get a deeper understanding of the culture, vision and goals of the company. Plus, where I can fit into all of those. But more importantly I think, is that this gives me an opportunity to get to know my fellow IIDMers on a personal level.  To find out what is important to them. To learn their goals and aspirations. The Fire Walk will be a big part of this experience for me. It will help me to examine myself and possibly overcome something that is holding me back in both my personal and professional life. And for the record…At this time I am undecided if I will participate in the Fire Walk….We will see.

As a remote employee, it is hard to make that type of connection on a daily basis. So…for my first time….those are the things making me excited and anxious about this Kick-Off.

— Gary Pinson

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One Comment on “My First Time…..”

  1. stevefalcone Says:

    Well said Gary. Look forward to seeing you.

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