June 21, 2010 Hoopla….And A Hug From Mike Davila

I had to get up at 4 am to catch a flight to Dallas (not my favorite time of day). I was to meet up with a young man I had never met before, Brandt King, at the Dallas airport to carpool to the Innovative Automation office in Carrollton.

We arrived at the office, I dropped off my stuff in the training room, then wandered around to check out the facility. Shortly before 8:30am I was grabbed and told to come into the very same training room I had been in 10 minutes prior…only it looked completely different! It was filled with people clapping, loud music, and a disco ball.

I listened to about 10 different people praise their peers for going above and beyond to help out the customers that give us our reason for coming to work every day. After being placed in the middle of the room and being told I wouldn’t be good…I wouldn’t be great….(you know how this ends)…our fearless leader, Gene Gray, insisted that one of our sales studs, Mike Davila, give me a hug in front of everyone.

This was definitely a bit of an uncomfortable first morning of work but it let me know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this company was serious about taking care of customers and having fun!

— Alan Scott

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One Comment on “June 21, 2010 Hoopla….And A Hug From Mike Davila”

  1. Hey, a hug is better than getting tossed around like Mike did to the archrival, Bad Customer Service, during this hoopla.

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