Hoopla fun has already started

trying on the other team shirt

trying on the other team shirt

At Innovative IDM work is always Fun, at least in Board Repair. Loud noises and flying nerf darts are common place here. From Buzzard Mascots to naked rubber chickens. when it comes to fun we know how its done.  things around here seem to happen at all hours.  so far this year two offices have been subjected to saran wrapping and excessive packing peanuts. Jennifer the office parts ( and a gazillion other things ) person was subject a post it note hurricane. Hurricanes are common in the south, but not in doors and usually do not include post it notes.

Sure even at times the boss wonders if we know how to work, well the answer to that is a hearty “NOPE”. we get the job done, but work isn’t even in our vocabulary. we do have picture of profitable fun  like some of these…..

powertech board repair

powertech board repair

Humpty Dumpty drive Allen Bradley powerflex 70

Humpty Dumpty drive Allen Bradley powerflex 70

The Unit above is a power flex drive Made by Allen Bradley, this year board repair acquired the ability to talk to these drives for the first time really opening doors to the repair ability of the Powerflex series. This drive came to us in pieces but we were able to rebuild it  to as good as new. true sometime there is more paper work trying to find what we need than actually repairing the drive.  so as Board repair moves into the front lines of the new and cutting edge technology that the industrial market requires  you have to find the question in the back of your mind what about the older stuff…?

reliance spindle drive model 1

reliance spindle drive model 1

Board repair still works on drive that are even 30 years older or more. yes, it does make us feel young again.  Here is a good example of the older drives, you know back when they made it to last ….. this reliance drive will probably be working well into the future thanks to the tech team at Innovative IDM’s Board Repair.  So we are all about having fun, In fact that our our fourth Company Goal ” to Have Fun” but with said we still strive to be legendary Exceeding our Customers expectations while Profitably growing our business. Why is that important? because at Innovative IDM our customers are Number one.  Gene Gray Knows to Stay in Business it needs to grow and to that you need your customers.  Innovative IDM offers a Myriad of services from full Panel build to print to Component Level Board repair. No One Offers all that Innovative Has to offer, and we even do it with donuts.

Innovative IDM’s Board Repair also has started to offer Printed Circuit board design and Build for customer who need their projects improved or just want a less expensive  company to build it better. Board Repair is moving out into the Forefront  of Innovative IDM services and with the Board Repair team working together with the many otherservices offered, Innovative IDM will be the Legendary Leader for years to come.

— Dan Holmes

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