The Legend of El Pollo Loco

You have probably heard of the legend of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Abominable Snowman.

BigfootLoch Ness Monster Abominable Snowman

Only a few have ever experienced the Legend(ary) El Pollo Loco.

Early in September 2008, the Legendary Customer Service (LCS) team which I was a part of huddled up in the training room of our Valwood (Carrollton, TX) location.  We wanted to make a run at the coveted LCS Cup for that month.  We knew that often only a few hundred points separated first place and a half day off from second place and a set of steak knives.  A really good way to leap ahead and clinch the title is to win BEST HOST.  With this goal in mind, we put our heads together and came up with a plan.  Jeff Miller was scheduled to host the last Friday of the month.  We thought it would be a lot of fun to have an egg hunt.  It just so happened that Jeff had a friend who owned a San Diego Chicken costume who was willing to loan it out for a good cause.  Chicken…Eggs…Hoopla…And so the plan came together…

On the day of the Legendary Hoopla, instead of everyone gathering in the training room for Hoopla, everyone was corralled in the literature room, just outside.  Each participant was issued a latex glove to wear on their heads (a la chicken).  At precisely 8:30am, after much anticipation, the door to the Hoopla room was flung open and the participants rushed in under the premise that they were to go on an egg hunt and collect as many eggs filled with candy and prizes as they could until all the eggs were found.  Much to everyone’s amazement, standing in the front of the room, was El Pollo Loco flapping his wings in unison with “The Chicken Dance” music as the frantic egg search progressed.

This Hoopla was absolutely my favorite and most memorable.  Not only did our team come together with a common goal in mind, but we managed to pull it off as evidenced by all the smiling faces who, for a few minutes, forgot about all the work on their plate that day, and turned back into kids having a good old fashioned egg hunt.  In the end, El Pollo Loco won best host that month and the Legend was born.  As to winning the LCS cup, take a look for yourself the next time you are in the Carrollton Innovative-IDM office to see if which team was successful in winning the LCS cup for September 2008. — Adam Ring

El Pollo Loco

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One Comment on “The Legend of El Pollo Loco”

  1. Adam, one of my all-time favorites. Totally off the chain.
    Here is the link to the original blog entry for that day.

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