Spreading some true “IIDM Value”

And so the story goes…. The customer had spent a day troubleshooting a problem with their Armor wire line.  The line would shut down upon attempting to reset/enable the machine before starting the lineup.  One of the drives would trip with a fault every time.  They finally decided to call us for assistance.  I arrived on site and found a shorted “U” phase on one of the inverters.  I mentioned to the customer it is of the utmost importance we decide what to do in a “comfortable hurry” so we can ensure the line gets back up and running:

1.  Embrace the Team Player Mentality:  I told the customer my guys are on it!!  I called up the customer’s sales person, Rocky Yang and he assisted me with coordinating a possible next day delivery with a new drive with another team player, Leon Moody.

2.  Promote a Positive Tone:  I ensured the customer we will do everything within our power to get this machine back up and running as soon as possible.  I told him I was confident in solving this problem for them.

3.  Be Dedicated, Loyal and Reliable:  After explaining to the customer our process and procedures, I again reassured the customer we were going to put our best foot forward and get this issue resolved.  Our goal is to fix the line and get things back to normal.

4.  Demonstrate Trustworthiness:  At this point, time is of the essence and many questions reared up as we discussed what the customer’s options are.  During the discussion, questions that imply doubt, uncertainty and worry were knocked out one by one.  I also explained to the customer how the process was going play out; as we order the inverter, verify the programming of the original inverter, the actual replacement process of the inverter and power up.  Of course included was showing the onsite maintenance support what was needed to connect to the inverter and program, etc.

5.  Take Initiative:  Customer said “ORDER THE DRIVE” and the next day as promised, the machine was up and running again by 3pm.

Demonstrating our company values both internally and externally broadens our core competence. Not just for coworkers or customers, it enhances personal value.

— Jeff Bruce

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