Inside the mind of Elliot Austin Fire Walk Day 2012


I wrote down my fears on a board. I broke that board. I drank a beer and burned that board. As I got in line and rolled up my jeans I ended up behind a smaller fellow by the name of Dan Mahoney. I was a little nervous so I took a deep breath. Dan turned around and bowed up and said “are you ready for this bro!!!” then he shoved me. I could tell he was a little more excited than I was and to be honest I was starting to second guess the whole thing.

Then I thought to myself “Well if the little guy can do it then I got this…… But, I’m 250lbs (GULP) I don’t think I should do this. The little guy is like a buck ten he just hovered over it. My feet are gonna melt off. I cant back out now everyone’s gonna know”

Well the little guy went and I was next in line. Ok, its do or die. I turned around and started reciting all my previous fire accolades aloud to everyone in line. “My senior year of High School I lit a vacant trailer on fire. I was an honorary fire deputy my 3rd grade year. I got to wear the helmet and everything. Hell I am Fire”.

Then I faced the 10ft Fire Bath in front of me.


“This is crazy this is crazy this is crazy….. phewwww…How’s the fire?” I asked

“It’s Exhilarating” said someone on the other side.

“I’m in deep” I thought

The rest is up for all you newbies to experience. I don’t want to ruin it. I will tell you this. It’s


— Elliot Austin

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