“Go” Bag

go_bagI’m on a routine service call where the customer let the smoke out of their obsolete, 600 amp DC drive. They want a replacement tomorrow! Just so happens that it’s now exactly 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon. Whew, that’s a tough one but I’m gonna try.

I immediately call our customer service wizard, Michael Mueller, in the Dallas office. He manages to get in touch with someone at Bardac Drives (they have one in stock) and convinces them to drive the package to the UPS terminal to be shipped out same day. Pretty good for after 5pm on Friday huh? Well, we’re not out of the woods yet…

After working well into the next night helping the customer retrofit his brand new Bardac drive, it’s time to start it up but we can’t. There is some kind of mechanical issue. “Can you be back first thing in the morning?” Sure I can.

Well, honestly I wasn’t exactly prepared to stay overnight on this job 3 hours away from my house. After I cannot find a store open at midnight in Picayune, MS, and the Holiday Inn front desk Is out of complimentary toothbrushes, I decide that today is not my day.

I show up that next morning wearing the same clothes, (pretty nasty I know). But it was all worth the effort. The customer was extremely grateful. What could easily have been a week or more of downtime, was only two days.

That’s my little war story about how we roll at IIDM to provide legendary service. Oh, and I now keep a “go” bag in my truck at all times…

– Joey Fairchild

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2 Comments on ““Go” Bag”

  1. jeffsmith9656 Says:

    Great post Joey and good job. This is an excellent example of Legendary Customer Service, well done Sir.

  2. Stephen Weatherley Says:

    Awesome story and great job Joey! Do you also keep your cape in the “go” bag? Our FS guys really are super heroes!

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