Why is the Easter Bunny in our Conference Room?

Is the Easter Bunny real?  Of course he is.  We even have photo evidence!  The big hopper attended my favorite hoopla ever.  Our entire office got to hang out with the Easter Bunny and talk about our opportunities to help out our customers, suppliers and co-workers.  What’s not to love about that?

The EASTER BUNNY is real!

Has anyone seen my eggs?

I didn't know the Easter Bunny could run like that!


If your meetings aren’t hosted by giant bunnies under the flashing lights of a disco ball, then you’re attending the wrong meetings. Give ours a try.

— Charles Manning

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One Comment on “Why is the Easter Bunny in our Conference Room?”

  1. […] Charles Manning must have felt behind his Hasselblad cell phone lens that eerie morning when the rabid bunny stalked his colleagues. Stranger still was the shocking video captured by Manning of the boisterous yet […]

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