This end up.

What’s wrong with this picture?

RZ VFD LX40 before-1

The control cabinet is upside down.

Our Houston panel shop has built many drive control panels. Recently, one of them fell off the back of a flatbed truck during its delivery somewhere on a rig site in Colorado. The frame had damaged welds, broken fans and parts fell off. After inspection by the repair shop, it was found that the drives worked perfectly and the PLC still ran. The panel shop then gutted the interior finding many cigarette ends inside in the bottom of the cabinet along the way. So the rest of the panel was thoroughly cleaned while the frame was sent off for repairs. They say Humpty Dumpty was never put back together again. However, after the “Humpty Dumpty panel” was put back together by all the Gene’s men…  — Kevin Olsen

RZ VFD LX40 after

Good as new and delivered on time!

The customer recognized the quality saying “you should be very proud of how well this panel held up.  I have seen a lot of panels dropped in the past few years and none of them came away with anywhere near this minimal amount of damage.”

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3 Comments on “This end up.”

  1. Stephen Weatherley Says:

    Great post Kevin! One of my favorite stories about our shop’s legendary work for a great customer.

  2. Sounds like a bad episode of “Shipping Wars.” Great job by all involved helping this customer when they really needed it. Where did all the cigarette butts come from?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great post Kevin. I wonder if the was a freight damage claim involved at the far end?

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