Stories of old…stories yet to be written; company culture annual meeting

You can look at pictures, listen to people reminisce and read stories of Kickoffs past, but nothing can prepare you for your first foray into an Innovative-IDM Annual Kickoff Event.  There is no shortage of opportunities for you to figure out that this is not your average annual company gathering.

It’s not often that a large part of the focus of an event like this is on your personal growth. Team building, and having fun, while building & promoting our company culture, values and goals is not a bad way to go.  How many companies do you know host a firewalk in an effort to help YOU grow?

How exactly does walking across hot coals help you grow you might ask? Well those are good questions! A firewalk is an excellent opportunity to envision a goal and to achieve it.  A firewalk is an excellent way to help you overcome your head trash and to get out of your own way from achieving what you thought was unachievable. I walked on fire after only 2 months on the job here at Innovative, and I can tell you it was an eye opening experience for me. What stories will we write about this years Kickoff……

For those about to Kickoff……AC/DC will beat you!

— Gene Mussell

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2 Comments on “Stories of old…stories yet to be written; company culture annual meeting”

  1. Awesome story Gene. It wasn’t that bad, was it?

    • chadkauffman Says:

      Well written and spot on. Summed up my exact feelings to date, can’t wait for my first event next week…and the stories we all will get from it to tell for years to come.

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