Mind Over Matter or Fire

It was getting late on a brisk January 2008 night in Texas.  We had spent the last the last two days at a goal setting event.  We had covered a variety of topics and had the opportunity to participate in many activities that would test our mental fortitude. These activities included walking on glass, breaking an arrow between the base of our neKO_08_2_0283cks and a wall, and breaking boards to name just a few.

These activities all lead up to the culmination of the event that would test our natural human instinct that fire is bad, and it will burn you.  We all stood around the fire bare footed as the fire keepers stacked the coals in a straight line that we all would soon have the opportunity to walk across.   It did not seem logical that a person could walk across this bed of glowing orange coals and not get burnt.

I set a goal to that night to walk on fire no matter what was going through my head when it was my turn.  I have to admit it did ease some of my fears when I saw a several people walk across these coals before I did that night.  When it came my turn I started walking and did not look down until I felt touch of the cold damp grass on my bare feet.  Goal accomplished!  It was a great feeling and reinforced the idea of if you set you mind to accomplish a goal and more importantly follow through you can accomplish almost anything.  That was a great feeling.

–Todd Mueller


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One Comment on “Mind Over Matter or Fire”

  1. You got a heavy dose of self-abuse that weekend, Todd. Glad you survived.

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