Hoopla Dress Up

KevinJenMy favorite Hooplas are when the Host dress up. Hoopla is our daily meeting at Innovative-IDM to help pump everyone up for the day. Everyone hosts the meeting from time to time.

Here are two of my favorites.

Stormtrooper Kevin Olsen (top), who’s always BLASTING OUR CUSTOMERS’ EXPECTATIONS out of the galaxy, with his masterful skill as a Panel Builder.

‘arrr Mateys. Let me be tellin ye about our Cap’n Jen….Jennifer Minier (bottom photo). She be ever on the lookout fer a good deal, or plundered treasure, fer ‘er crew of scurvy dogs, down ‘ere in BOARD REPAIR. She be knowin’ just how to help our lubbers. But don’t be crossin’ swords with ‘er, she be a fiery lass, who’s likely to blow ye asunder!
Hip Hip Haza!!!  — Mark Wofford

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One Comment on “Hoopla Dress Up”

  1. Love the Pirate, Love the Trooper. Can we get them to co-host together some day, along with the angry, commanding bunny?

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