Taking on ANY challenge and coming out Legendary; Modular Panel Shop

chalkboardA blank cardboard represents infinite possibility. A chance to create without limits and to allow industrious creativity to flourish. Too often are manufacturing facilities constrained by the status quo that forces them to become structured, rigid facilities locked in with walls and semi-permanent fixtures which only stifle and limit the potential of the space.

This is why we in the INNOVATIVE-IDM Dallas Shop have started to embrace and implement the idea of a truly modular production shop. A place where we can adapt and evolve on a whim. With larger projects on the horizons, we need to handle anything thrown at us. As one cohesive unit we can swiftly change the shop format to absorb any project no matter how large and/or intricately engineered it may be. Our shop, with every component on wheels, will be able to move, shift and ingest every challenge it is given.

The tables and desks are just the start to providing faster, more efficient service to our Customers. Embracing the 5S ideals and mentality; we will be ready. Will you just as Legendary?

— Rick Wormwood

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One Comment on “Taking on ANY challenge and coming out Legendary; Modular Panel Shop”

  1. Rick, this is great information about our shop. It will be fun to watch it happen.

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