Stefan Peterson: Fire walk 2012

Firewalk 2012The January 2012 air chilled my lungs as I huddled up to the rest of the crowd watching the end of demonstration of fire spinning and juggling. Over two hundred slowly numbing feet stood quietly, in anticipation of what they might feel soon. Behind us, the blaze. A molten strip of burning coals.

I hear voices asking “are you gonna walk?” quickly answered with “no way dude, I like my feet!”. The excitement is building. Can’t tell if I’m shaking from the cold or my own courage being tested. The line forms after some instruction and encouragement from our company president, Gene; he made it sound as enjoyable as a stroll out to your mailbox on a warm Saturday morning.

After watching the first few volunteers ridged across the glowing carpet of popcorn, I realized quickly that I could do this. I could walk on fire! I stepped forward six or seven times, each time witnessing change: Change in people’s limitations. Growth. They where shaking their fist at the sky and yelling “Take that universe!!! I am invincible!”

I stepped forward once more, this time to the edge of the coals. I knew that this was it. Put up, or shut up! I take a breath, yell “Geronimo!!!!” and start the walk. “It’s so much warmer than that freezing ground,” I think to myself. I step off onto freshly watered grass, a new man……

— Stefan Peterson

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One Comment on “Stefan Peterson: Fire walk 2012”

  1. It’s not as bad as it seems once you take that first step. Congratulations. Whether you walk again or not, there’s nothing like the first time.

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