QControl Freak

Welcome to the QC Station.

DSCF2957 I have the pleasure of inhabiting this awesome gadget fiesta every day. To the naked eye this place looks much like the secret layer of a wise and powerful super hero or masked crime fighter. I assure you I do not own or sport spandex or disguises to thwart the evil plans of bad guys.



Tools and equipment:

For every task there is a tool!


With these test panels I can properly inspect customer products to ensure proper assembly and function.
DSCF2959I have within reach all the tools, documentation forms, and equipment to accurately perform my job. Organization is a must!


DSCF2960 DSCF2961

Our customers expect the best. Ensuring that what they get is Legendary is my job, and I love my job!

I consider myself lucky to be part of such an excellent department where teamwork and innovation are in great supply.


DSCF2963 DSCF2964

Well, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods, hope you’ll drop by and say hi!


Have a legendary day!

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One Comment on “QControl Freak”

  1. Great post and great pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share. And I always enjoy hearing people saying “I love my job.” How many people can say that?

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