Not Scared to Get the Car Dirty (or Sratched)

I hadn’t been with Innovative IDM very long when I received a call from one of our sales pros, Trevor Sisco, asking me to meet him at the UPS store on my way to a customer site to help him unload a drive for shipping to board repair. I arrived at the UPS store and discovered a couple hundred pound drive in the back seat of Trevor’s car. He had offered to drop it at the UPS store for the customer to speed along the repair and when he went to pick it up the customer pulled up to his car with the drive on a forklift! They managed to get the drive off the forklift and into the backseat of his car without causing too much damage. He and I then somehow managed to get the drive out of his backseat and into the UPS store. The surprised looks of those inside the UPS store and the customer we impressed with Legendary customer service made it worth the few scratches on Trevor’s door.

— Matt Meeker

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2 Comments on “Not Scared to Get the Car Dirty (or Sratched)”

  1. Matt, I sure wished we had a photo of that moment of the forklift in the car. If you find one, please post.

  2. Gene Gray Says:

    DUDE! Great to help a customer. Be nice to el coche though. 🙂

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