For Innovative IDM employees, our company values are inherent

For our team, company values are inherent

As I sit sipping on my mason jar of red, I think about the dedication and tenacity of our legendary team. Vitalii, our newest Oklahoma team member and I were in a lobby awaiting our last appointment after a long week of many introductions. Suddenly a phone call from his home security provider interrupts our conversation. Someone had broken into his home!

Vitalii never said a word even though he had to catch a plane that afternoon to return home for a long awaited return to Eastern Europe to visit family. I overheard the conversation and had to coerce him to go and check on his home. If someone had damaged his door or window he would be under the wire to get it repaired and still make the flight, or worse he could have suffered a loss more significant.

Vitalii never once took steps to cancel or leave to check his investment, instead he was going to stay the course and fulfill our obligation. Finally wisdom prevailed and we made the decision to check on his house. One half hour after we parted ways he took initiative and let me know the status of his demise. During his return to U.S. soil he found himself stranded in the airport due to a massive Arctic vortex that engulfed 80% of the continental US. Most people would wallow in their sorrows and have an “airport horror story” to tell, but did this dash Vitalii’s spirit? No! He took an assessment of the circumstances, determined his own fate and went out to enjoy the evening, see the sites, and even thought to pick up this bottle of wine for his new friend and colleague, JP. Thanks Vitalii.

On Tuesday morning after a 24 hour lay over in a foreign airport, tortured by jet lag, travel weary Vitalii was online and ready to go bright and early ready to attack with a positive attitude, bringing ideas of who to see, setting appointments and walking it out determined to take full advantage of the time he had to provide legendary customer service.

Now that’s a team player with a positive tone, dedicated and reliable, trustworthy and initiative driven. I want that guy calling on our customers.
I am glad to be on his team! Innovative IDM is made up of the greatest people, and the people are what set us apart.

— JP Childress

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One Comment on “For Innovative IDM employees, our company values are inherent”

  1. JP, the first sentence of your post reminds me of an old George Jones song, “The King is Gone (so are you)”

    Last night I broke the seal on a Jim Beam decanter
    That looks like Elvis
    I soaked the label off a Flintstone Jelly Bean jar
    I cleared us off a place on that
    One little table that you left us
    And pulled me up a big ole piece of floor

    I pulled the head off Elvis
    Filled Fred up to his pelvis
    Yabba Dabba Doo, the King is gone
    And so are you

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