First Fire Walk


Cold.. No shoes.. No socks.. Blazing fire in the back ground.. Since of excitement in the air mixed with nervous expectations.. The answer to most common question that afternoon “Yea sure why not”.. My true feelings not being revealed by the answer (Oh wow! am I really going to do this).

The hype is built by every minute that passes, a motivational speech, a fire dancing show, the fire giving way to hot glowing intimidating embers.. the line forms.. In what seems like no time at all it sits before me.. In even less time its all over.. Relief.. Confident.. Excited. Huge grin on my face.. I conquered fire.. Lets celebrate!! Thank you Innovative!

— Leon Moody

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2 Comments on “First Fire Walk”

  1. leonmoody Says:

    To ensure i do not scare any of the new recruits……Um yea what you said!….. =]

  2. Leon, let’s be clear. This photo was NOT from the Innovative-IDM kickoff meeting!!!

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