“Do you want hear something that’s not all that cool?”


The year was 2002.  It was a Saturday.  We had this sweet control panel that needed to be delivered.  So….

Tim Mueller, Todd Mueller, Gene Gray, Mark Stanley, Jim Chalupka and myself were ready to deliver the panel.  We had our own custom built “skateboard” that this huge panel resided on and we were ready to load this bad boy on a rented flat bed truck.  We didn’t have all of the correct tools but using the wisdom from the ancient Egyptians, we got it loaded on the back of the truck.  When it was time to strap it down, Gene had politely asked me, “Hey, go grab the straps so we can get this thing out of here.”

After contemplating this request for a second, the infamous phrase came out of my mouth…. “Uh, do you want to hear something that’s not all that cool?”  Well, how do you answer that question?  I mean, really?  See, I had borrowed the said straps from the office the previous weekend.  Guess where they were?  Not at the office!  🙂

So… It was requested of Mark Stanley to acquire Innovative some new straps.  Mark jumped on the task!  While Mark was at Home Depot, he looked over the selection of ratcheting straps and decided to not get the cheapy 4 pack of straps but rather to get the most expensive straps available at the moment.  With straps in hand, Mark returned and we got the panel delivered when the customer needed it.

We actually still use these straps to this day and if you look at the bottom right of the truck bed, you can see these super sweet yellow straps that were acquired that beautiful November day.

This was truly a Legendary team effort to get our customer taken care of!

— Michael Mueller

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One Comment on ““Do you want hear something that’s not all that cool?””

  1. Uh, that’s non-legendary sir.

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