Hoopla – An Attitude of Gratitude

My first Hoopla was not actually that long ago and it is my most memorable. Having read through the hiring packet which talks about “the game”, I had an idea of what words would be spoken and what the goals were; but I had no idea of the presentation that would take place.

I learned a while back not to have judgement or expectations and to “just go with” things. Life’s a lot less stressful that way. Although I muttered through the words the first time only half knowing them, it was great to be in an atmosphere where people are actually thanked an appreciated for doing their jobs or for going just that minor extra mile.

Many of us make a sacrifice to be at work every day that some folks in life chose not to make. Things just seem a little better to know one’s presence is valued and not a number. Sooo…. the next time you are asked, “How do you feel today?” Be enthusiastic about your answer! “I FEEL GREAT TODAY!…” Yes you do, because each and every one of you are appreciated at work. Imagaine the poor people who drag into the office and count the hours until they go home; and then be grateful you are not one of them =)

Peace Out, Fam… Fully Loaded Amped Up!!!

— Natasha Richardson

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3 Comments on “Hoopla – An Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Gene Gray Says:

    Great blog. Nice way to look at life and what a crystal observation for someone just entering the “game.” 🙂

  2. Fully Loaded AMPED UP!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, ma’am! I’m fully loaded AMPED UP!!

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