Memphis Mike & Dave the Tech double team Bryce Corp.

I Received a phone a phone call from Wade Cross of Bryce Corp in Searcy AR. Monday night about 6:30. He had a Siemens ac drive go bad. I asked him if he wanted me to have it sent to our “Industrial Repair” center? He did not have time for a repair and he told me to find him a replace ment. I asked him to email me the catalog number and even though it was after hours of nornal business, I would do my best to find one.

He sent me the catalog number and after researching it I knew he could use a Yaskawa V1000 to replace it. Question was did we have one in Memphis? I called Todd Fox to check our inventory and low and behold we did. Legendary. I called Wade and told him I had one and I could bring it whenever he needed it(Searcy is 3 hours away). He said next day would be fine. Tues. I went to the office , got the drive, and as I was driving to Searcy to deliver the drive, Dave, our field service tech. was on the phone with Ryan the electrician at Bryce, sorting thru the parameters of the Siemens drive to help Ryan quickly set up the V1000 to cut the down time and speed up start-up.

After delivery of the drive to Ryan, and installation of the drive by Ryan, Dave our  field service tech. spent 2 hours with Ryan on the phone helping him sort thru wires from the Siemens drive and where to land them on the Yaskawa V1000. Only 2 wires were left and it was determined they needed to land on a 0-20 milliamp signal. Sales guys, can the V1000 do this? Did Bryce get up and running? stay tuned……….

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