Christmas Present Service Call, Skycam Style: DefCon 2!

untitledI can remember around Christmas time of 2011, I had already started my vacation and was at home with my family enjoying some much needed time off, as were many of us IIDM’ers.  I saw that my phone started blowing up around 11:30 PM which was odd considering it was Christmas Eve.  I saw who it was and it suddenly all made sense.  The engineering director for a great customer of mine, Skycam, was calling.

This was not as unexpected as one might think, as he normally was working late and called after hours to chat often since it was quiet time for him to think.  This was, however, during the holiday and almost midnight at that though…anyway, I answered and in a panic was told that one of the servo systems we built for him wasn’t working right and that they were going to have to scrap an event at the Staples Center the next day if we weren’t able to solve the problem.  He said that he had tried everything and was requesting to fly out one of our techs that night (Christmas, mind you) so that they could troubleshoot the issue.

Calmly, I called Adam Ring, who was at home with his family and told him what we were dealing with.  Adam swung into action around midnight, as any IIDM’er would do for one of our customers, troubleshot his issue over the phone, and sent him the parameter file for his servo drive to replace the one that they had modified recently for testing.  They hadn’t even considered that would be the issue and it was a simple problem that was easily overlooked in their haste to get the system setup, and were able to solve the problem in about half an hour once they got that loaded in the system.  They were at DefCon 2 at this point so it took them until the next morning to finally realize how simple the fix was, but it was quite the save for a huge event that may not have been able to have the aerial camera shot otherwise.  Just another day in the world of providing Legendary Customer Service!!

— Jeff Rodgers

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