My first firewalk

Lonnie Muse walks on fire in January 2008.

Lonnie Muse walks on fire in January 2008.

I remember my first firefight —– I mean fire Walk many years ago. It was scary! It was like those scenes in the moves where the picture narrows down and extends to infinity. That 20 foot bed of burning coals looked to be a mile long and the coals were bright cherry red and I was sure that it would burst into an inferno just as soon as I stepped on it. So remembering the childhood story of the little engine that could, I kept repeating to myself, “I think I can”, “I think I can”. All of a sudden I was walking across those burning coals. Someone must of pushed me! Anyway, I DID IT!!! It is hard to describe the feeling of euphoria and the excitement that accomplishment created. I learned that overcoming the fear was harder than doing the task. That “firewalk” helped me learn how to walk through life’s “fires” without fear and knowing the outcome will be worthwhile.

— Lonnie Muse

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One Comment on “My first firewalk”

  1. Lonnie, I found the photo and added it to your post. Boy, the fire sure looks puny compared to recent walks.

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