The Life and Times of E-10 U Up!


Pictured above: Steve Lyons Sr, Cyrus Jahani, David Adams, Elliot Austin, Javid Musa, Lonnie Muse, Mark Wofford, Rhonda Motte, Todd Fox, and Katy Shields

Kickoff is an integral part of Innovative IDM’s culture. Employees, both new and old, meet on common ground to get to know each other. All the lives and times of the teammates of E-10 U UP make up this excellent team. Employee morale lifts as each person gets to learn new things about one other. Communicating in a positive tone and teamwork are key for our strong company culture. Kickoff brings us all together! Teamwork makes the dream work!


— Katy Shields

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One Comment on “The Life and Times of E-10 U Up!”

  1. cyrusjahani Says:

    E10 up the Haters like some Mac n Cheese, By the time the game is over you’ll be on your knees.

    Nom nom nom nom nom

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