Fall Follicle Frenzy – Vote for your favorite

Cast your vote  here for the best beard in the Innovative-IDM Fall Follicle Frenzy!  The winner of this competition will not only have bragging rights and his name emblazoned on the Fall Follicle Frenzy bearded trophy, but will keep the trophy for one year until a new winner is crowned next December.  Vote now through Friday, December 6 – the winner will be announced the following Monday.


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43 Comments on “Fall Follicle Frenzy – Vote for your favorite”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sam Sam he’s our man!!!

  2. Richard Depew Says:


  3. Gina Says:

    I vote Michael!……but no one took a picture of my beard. 😦

  4. Donnie Dobson Says:

    Sams got my vote!

  5. Dave Medows Says:

    Sam all the way

  6. June Goodman Says:


  7. Vanessa Muse Says:

    Ty has my vote!

  8. Mary Alice Says:


  9. Mike Clark Says:

    Mike Clark says Sam!!!!!!!

  10. Harold Lindsay Says:

    Hands down it is Sam

  11. Jesse Says:

    I ahem.. ME!!!

  12. thehunter672010 Says:


  13. Rocky Yang Says:

    I got to say “Sam.”

  14. cyrusjahani Says:

    Sam for sure!

    I’ll give you a run for your money next year though…… 😉

  15. Adam Ring Says:

    Sam! Mike Jr. is a close runner up.

  16. Larry Says:

    Ordinary Average Guy says:


  17. Bre Says:

    My vote goes to Loren..though Mike D’s son is a close 2nd. Looking good guys!

  18. Lance Cobb Says:

    SAM I AM!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta go with the bandwagon. Sam’s beard has it’s own ecosystem!

  20. MJ Says:

    SLJ is it man!

  21. marcphelps Says:

    Dave Oliver….he looks like a young Santa Claus

  22. ALBERTO LARA Says:


  23. David Hestand Says:

    Sam ,No question

  24. Robert Evans Says:


  25. Penny King Says:

    Sam ,No question

  26. David Cade Says:

    Sam is the man

  27. David Hestand Says:


  28. Anonymous Says:

    I gotta go with Sam! All you guys are rockin’ these beards! Great job guys!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I gotta go with Sam! These all look great! Ya’ll are rockin’ these beards!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I vote for Sam!!!

  31. Anonymous Says:


  32. Teri Says:

    Sam looks like Jesus! I vote for Sam!!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I like SAM’s beard the BEST!!!

  34. Andrea Flanagan Says:

    Sam is the best of course!

  35. Toni Says:

    SAM…..with his lumber jack beard!-Toni

  36. Candy Says:

    Sam!! Sam!! Sam!!

  37. Anonymous Says:


  38. Sam Hestand Says:

    *cough* Sam’s beard is the beast/best *cough

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