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Yaskawa PLCopen Toolbox – High Speed Output

November 30, 2013

Use the HighSpeedOutput function block to turn on an output within 13 microseconds after a pre-defined position is reached, as explained and demonstrated in this live recording.

This function block is part of Yaskawa’s PLCopen Toolbox user library for MotionWorks IEC and MPiec motion controllers.  Get started with the PLCopen Toolbox at

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WAGO: High Current PCB Terminal Block

November 28, 2013

Terminal Block

The new 2716 Series High Current PCB Terminal Block features Lever-Actuated CAGE CLAMP spring pressure terminations. The convenient integrated operating lever allows for simple, intuitive terminations of conductors sized 16-6 AWG, up to 65A/600V.  rather than Velocity mode. This requirement leads to the use of a servo operating in Torque mode even though a servo in Velocity mode might be recommended with an overriding torque limit. Therefore, the servo normally operates as a constant-torque drive, but if the filament breaks, the velocity is limited to the programmed value. The traversing arm is usually driven by a smaller servo.

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SMC Product of the Month: Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve

November 27, 2013

Improving on the previous design, the special construction of the new VX2 valves make them an ideal choice across industries and applications.

Both form and function have been updated with the new design.  First, addressing the magnetic properties of the solenoid coil improved the functionality of the new VX2.  The coil size is more compact, improving the pulling force.  The flow and pressure attributes of the valve are also improved with an increased orifice design.  Next, in order to create a valve that was quieter, a rubber damper is now included as well as a built-in wave rectifier.  The rubber damper deadens the sound by removing any direct metal to metal contact in operation while the armature is moving.

Finally, additional resin and aluminum body options are available to extend the series beyond brass and stainless steel.


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Parker Motion Control – Precision Fluidics System Overview for Life Science

November 26, 2013

Cool Video about what Parker could do for you!

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SMC MRQ*32/40, Rotary Actuator

November 24, 2013

SMC, *32/40, Rotary Actuator

The MRQ provides linear and rotary motion either simultaneously or alternately. It meets many handling applications, is simple to use, and when combined with SMC grippers, provides combined motions for picking, transferring, and rotation. Available in 32 and 40mm bores with strokes from 5 to 100mm; rotation from 90° to 180°. Connection ports are available on both sides of the cylinder, as well as end-of-stroke sensing for all positions.

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Omron S8JX-P EMI Class B and Power Factor Correction

November 22, 2013

Omron S8JX-P EMI Class B and Power Factor Correction

The main improvements provided by the S8JX-P models are Harmonic current suppression/PFC (Power Factor Correction) and EMI EN55011 Class B compliant. In addition, further functionalities have been implemented (applies only to 300 and 600w models):

  • Remote Sensing, to compensate for voltage drops on the load lines.
  • Remote Control, using an external signal allows to turn the output ON and OFF without removing the input voltage.
  • Alarm Output, informing about PS errors, such as fan failure or insufficient voltage.

The S8JX-P family is available for 5, 12, 24 and 48VDC output voltages (15VDC is also available for S8JX-G 15W and 35W). The range of power ratings covers 50W, 100W, 150W, 300W and 600W with all the output voltages available through the whole range.

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Yaskawa Motion Control System Overview

November 18, 2013

Introduction to basic servo and motion control technology concepts. Components of motion control and AC servos are discussed within the context of Yaskawa Sigma-5 applications

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Sprinkler Mishap!

November 13, 2013

Sprinkler Mishap!

Sam Hestand, one of the customer service studs in our Houston office, just went out to check the mail. He experienced a shocking, although somewhat exhilarating, sprinkler incident (or so he says!). If you’re in the Houston area and want to experience some Legendary Customer Service, give Sam a call at 281-880-2100. He won’t let rain, snow or sprinklers stop him from helping our awesome customers!

Next week – DFW Automation Technology Symposium

November 13, 2013
RSVP today for our Automation Technology Symposium in DFW on November 21.  Tickets are going fast – you will not want to miss keynote speaker Col. Mark Tillman, Former Commander of Air Force One on 9-11, discussing the concept of a Zero Fail Mission.  Admission to this event is FREE for manufacturing plant executives who RSVP.
DFW Automation Technology Symposium
November 21st, 2013
Check-in at 9:30 AM
DFW Westin Conference Center
To RSVP, call Vanessa Muse at 214.256.7674 or email
DFW Automation Technology Symposium Nov 21

Buzz welcomes Richard Wines to Innovative-IDM

November 8, 2013

Join Buzz in welcoming Richard Wines to Innovative-IDM! Richard joins Innovative-IDM after seven years with Electrical Solutions of Texas in Lewisville, Texas and five years with Turn Key Systems in Highland Village, Texas. He grew up in Austin. In his spare time, Richard enjoys fastpitch softball, golf, camping, fishing, hunting, snow skiing, water skiing, boating, baseball, and photography.

Buzz welcomes Richard Wines to Innovative-IDM