Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven


Who was more excited to make it to Beth’s and Marc’s wedding? BUZZ WAS. He wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. From trying to join his comrades for a flight to being hand fed from Tony Do.

…………………….. Beth Phelps and Marc Phelps………………………..

Just a note to say how happy we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.

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4 Comments on “Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven”

  1. Best of luck and congratulations Beth and Marc. Your journey continues.
    And Buzz…..well, he always turns up at the parties. You really can’t trust the guy to act right in public.

  2. Gene Gray Says:

    Congrats on the beginning of your journey together. Enjoy the honeymoon for heck let’s say the next 50 or so years!

  3. Jeff Smith Says:

    Congratulations Beth & Marc that was a very nice ceremony and reception, thank you for the invitation. Much Love, Peace, and Happiness together.

  4. cyrusjahani Says:

    Congratulations Marc!!!

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