Emergency Electronic Repairs Can Be Easy as Pie

Emergency electronic repairs? Innovative-IDM can come through for you when you need us most. Just ask the guys at M-D Building Products in Oklahoma. They sent in an emergency repair which our repair technician Dan Holmes stopped, dropped and rolled all over . . . like if he was on fire. Same day – fixed and done and QCd out the door. Albert Lara in shipping made sure the part arrived well ahead of the customer’s expectation.

So what’s all the pie about? Seems that Dan, Albert and our overall work made an impression on M-D. So today arrives 5 amazing pies from the guys at M-D. Thank you Dan Holmes and a special thanks to you guys at M-D Building Products.

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4 Comments on “Emergency Electronic Repairs Can Be Easy as Pie”

  1. JP Says:

    I sent this to the plant manager at M-D and thanked him for the pies. He replied that he wants me to come out for a plant tour to see where else we could “team up”. he also offered to buy me lunch! I do not think he will have to twist my arm too much….
    This is a great team to be a part of, special thanks to Dan who made a tremendous impression on the customer during the initial conversation – that made all the difference on this one.

  2. It’s always nice to be recognized and appreciated. Great job by all.

  3. Jeff Smith Says:

    The Board Repair department was shut down later that day; the staff and most of the technicians were suffering from a severe case of a sugar coma.

  4. Gene Gray Says:

    I’m proud to be on Dan’s team!

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