Muy Bueno Lengendario Grill and Cantina

Thanks to Grill Master Albert Lara and his assitants Marc Phelps and Edwin Catalan, TEAM HOUSTON enjoyed thier monthly Legendary Bar and Grill south of the border style. Fresh steak and chicken fajitas, grilled veggies, beans, rice and all the fixins’. Stephen Weatherley even brought Oreos for desert! It was a great team even to celebrate a great month in August and get ready for a even better September!

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4 Comments on “Muy Bueno Lengendario Grill and Cantina”

  1. Dang, that’s a nice grill full o’ food. Nice job pulling off the Legendario Grille and Cantina

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Food was amazing! great job guys.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! That looks amazingly good!! I’m ready for our Fajita Friday now! =-)

  4. Stephen Says:

    Once again, awesome job by the grill masters of the Legendary Bar & Grill! Thanks!!

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