Thrustmaster Stabilizer Application and a Seemingly Tiny Employee

Our employees find themselves in some pretty interesting situations. Like Dan Mahoney (pictured) from our Houston office.

Dan is actually just 2-feet tall standing in front of a giant thruster used to stabilize oil rigs in oceans of the world. Thrustmaster of Texas (Houston) provides solutions for barges, floating casinos, military applications, etc.  Imagine multiple thrusters like this underwater, controlled by gyros, wind sensors, etc., keeping an oil platform steady and in place. Awesome.

Innovative-IDM is upgrading/retrofitting one of Thrustmaster’s machine tools by programming and installing a new PLC to control a stepper drive/motor. Our field service man Charlie Staton is working on that project, along with Mahoney. Thanks to Thrustmaster for the opportunity to help out. That’s what we do.


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One Comment on “Thrustmaster Stabilizer Application and a Seemingly Tiny Employee”

  1. Gene Gray Says:

    Thanks for the business Thrustmaster! Nice picture Dan! Didn’t realize you were so short. 🙂 Thanks to Charles S. for all the work and Dan for finding how we could help.

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