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SMC Pulse Input Drivers

August 30, 2013

SMC, Pulse Input Drivers

Pulse Input Drivers, LECPA Series combined with a 24 volt Step Motor allows control of position, speed, acceleration and deceleration using pulse signals.  This expands controls options from the conventional LEC Controllers which permit a PLC to call out 1 to 64 positions from a data table to control actuator motion.

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Omron CS1D The Dual-Redundant PLC System

August 30, 2013

Omron CS1D Dual-Redundant PLC System

CS1D adds a number of dual-redundancy options to the well-proven CS1 architecture to ensure around-the-clock operation without minimal downtime. Duplex CPUs, with or without loop control functions, are continuously cross-checked for errors, without the need for special programs to be written by the user. An even simpler way to increase system availability is to use dual power supply units. Hot swapping of CPUs, power supplies and I/O units allow system maintenance with little or no process interruption.

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Video: Warehouse Retrieval System

August 29, 2013

Check out this WAGO video showing warehouse retrieval system.

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Benefit From the Highest Machine Safety

August 27, 2013

STI752 new safety guide

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. has made available a new Guide to DeviceNet Safety Systems. The fully-illustrated guide outlines the benefits of implementing a DeviceNet safety network in a variety of machine safety applications, including standalone safety applications or distributed safety control systems. The guide also details Omron STI’s family of safety network controllers, safety I/O terminals, EtherNet/IP-DeviceNet routers, accessories and network configuration software. Product features, diagrams, specifications and ordering information are included.

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It is good to be born this month!

August 26, 2013


The not so secret CIA (Culture Improvement Agency) held its monthly “Ice Cream for Being Born Extravaganza.” The Birthday folks received a happy birthday song and everyone enjoyed ice cream sundaes and good conversation! Thanks CIA!

Patlite LKEH offers alarm horn and signal tower combination

August 23, 2013

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.

• Visible from great distance with ultra bright LEDs and 100mm diameter lens.
• Safe for use at high vibration environment with robust 2G vibration resistant design.
• Easy to control with only one common wire for both LEDs and audible signals.
• CE, RoHS, IP53, (UL, c-UL pending).
• Field programmable with SD card. (Sold separately)
• Volume is adjustable from 0 to 105dB (at 1m) to fit various environments.
• Smooth LED lens surface.

Patlite LKEH large horn and signal tower combination

Parker: Engineers See the World Differently – Baby Shower

August 22, 2013

Parker ad giving a humorous nod to engineers who are always focused on their work, as inspired by actual engineers.

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