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WAGO Video: Perspecto & CoDeSys

June 19, 2013

Check out this cool WAGO video about using CoDeSys to create program & visualization for Perspecto CP.

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Buzz Welcomes Ed Hyer to Innovative-IDM

June 18, 2013

Join Buzz in welcoming Ed Hyer to Innovative-IDM! Ed joins Innovative-IDM after 23 years with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida. He grew up in Bean Station, Tenn. and earned his associate’s degree in electronic engineering from RETS Electronic School. Ed’s interests include cooking – smoking & grilling, HD motorcycles, and spending time with his family at the beach.

Buzz sez welcome to Ed Hyer

Memphis Location Hosts First Hoopla

June 17, 2013

firsthooplamemphisIf you’ve never heard of Hoopla, just know it’s a business meeting….with balloon tosses, human chains, chicken suits, and who knows what else. Today, our boys in Memphis hosted the first Innovative-IDM Hoopla in their new Bartlett office. Tim Mueller awarded Memphis Mike Moore the “Golden Wing” award for best paper airplane design. Hoopla should become a more regular event in Memphis. Tulsa, you’re next.

Omron ZG2 Measurement Sensor

June 17, 2013

Omron ZG2 Measurement Sensor

The ZG2 enables precise shape measurement on challenging materials and surfaces. An easy and intuitive user interface enables efficient installation, setup and operation. A built-in LCD monitor indicates the measurement result in real time.

  • Easy-to-use – intuitive user interface
  • Live – built-in LCD monitor for setup and immediate profile display
  • Versatile – 18 measurement tools
  • Accurate – 5 µm resolution (3 mm / 631 pixels)
  • Wide profiles – up to 70 mm

For more information or to order your Omron ZG2 Measurement Sensor contact Innovative-IDM at or give us a call at 877.906.2100.

SMC EX9-OE, Output Block

June 14, 2013

SMC EX9-OE, Output Block

Serial interface unit EX500 is capable of controlling up to 64 solenoids, and is compatible with SV1000/2000/3000/4000, VQC1000/2000/4000 valves.  The EX500 makes it possible to connect up to 4 valve manifolds with up to 16 solenoids each.  Available protocols include DeviceNet, CC-Link, Profibus-DP and Allen-Bradley Remote I/O.

For more information or to order your SMC EX9-OE, Output Block contact Innovative-IDM at or call us at 877.906.2100.

Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania III – July 3rd

June 13, 2013

Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania III is coming to DFW, Houston, and Memphis on July 3rd! The Innovative-IDM employee hot dog cookout is has become an annual tradition where employees not only enjoy grilled hot dogs with all the fixings, but an opportunity to win big points for their teams with the Red, White & Blue team contest. Check out photos from Chilicheesemustardonionrelishdogmania I & II including DFW winners for “Most Patriotic.”

OMRON Foundation Donates to Oklahoma Relief

June 13, 2013

jp JP Childress, Innovative-IDM branch manager for Oklahoma, just sent me this email.

I just drove through the area affected by the tornados that ravaged the Moore area. The devastation is far from gone, but how quickly we forget. The path of the storm is quite obvious. Crews contractors and volunteers are steadily piecing together the lives of so many families displaced. We hear it all the time “pictures don’t do it justice.” No photo image I have ever seen could level the sense of remorse you get when you see this scene.


I want to thank OMRON, our business partner and one of our core vendors for its contribution to the cause. We are certainly grateful for partners who understand what’s going on in Oklahoma, long after the headlines have faded from memory.