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Buzz Welcomes Rick Wormwood to Innovative-IDM

June 28, 2013

Join Buzz in welcoming Rick Wormwood to Innovative-IDM! Rick joins Innovative-IDM after four years with Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth and two years with Noble Logistics in Carrollton, Texas. He grew up in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and attended Community College of the Air Force at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. Rick’s hobbies include events of physical and mental endurance, such as the Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Survival Run. He is also interested in anything automotive…planes, trains and automobiles.

Rick Wormwood joins Innovative-IDM

Omron NP OEM Touch Screen with Function Keys

June 28, 2013

Omron NP OEM Touch Screen with Function Keys

The NP-Series HMIs utilize both touch screen and function key to satisfy simple applications. Advanced features like Ladder Editor and pre-made template screens assist in troubleshooting and development. All features are programmed with NP-Designer, which is a free download for (Windows XP only).

For more information or to order your Omron NP OEM Touch Screen with Function Keys contact Innovative-IDM at or give us a call at 877.906.2100.

SMC VCS, 2 Port Solenoid Valve for Steam Manifold, Single Unit

June 26, 2013

SMC VCS 2 port solenoid valve for steam manifold

Series VC is a multipurpose, direct operated, 2 port solenoid valve for air. Special construction reduces operating resistance and moving parts for improved longevity and wear resistance. A built-in rectifier eliminates AC coil burning and buzzing. The VC enclosure is IP65 equivalent.

For more information or to order your SMC VCS, 2 Port Solenoid Valve for Steam Manifold, Single Unit contact Innovative-IDM at or call us at 877.906.2100.

Yaskawa Sigma-5 Tuning Demo

June 25, 2013

Yaskawa Sigma-5 servo adaptive “Tuning-Less” feature – change load inertia from 1:1 to 20:1 and graph identical performance without changing anything else. “Advanced Auto Tuning” at 20:1 is demonstrated on the Sigma-5/MP2600iec demo with sales program. SigmaWin+ trace graphs show settling time measurement.

Order your Sigma-5 servo from the Innovative-IDM, the #1 supplier of Yaskawa products.  Call us today at 877.906.2100 or send us an email at

Patlite Releases LFH Warning Light

June 24, 2013

Patlite is proud to present the LFH Indoor/Outdoor LED Warning Light. The IP66 rated LFH can be used in environments such as factories, utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, parking lots, and others. A strong vibration resistance allows the LFH to be mounted on forklifts, construction, maintenance, and industrial vehicles. The Warning Light flashes about 110 flashes/minute and comes in five different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Clear).

Patlite presents the LFH Warning Light

For more information or to order your Patlite LFH Warning Lights, call Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 or send us an email at



Fish Fry at Houston’s Legendary Bar and Grill

June 21, 2013

Innovative-IDM Houston has a great monthly tradition going with their Legendary Bar and Grill cookout.  This time it got fishy when the Panel Shop “caught” 30 lbs of catfish and fried it up.  Innovative employees and their guests from SCOMI and Halliburton enjoyed fried catfish, fried chicken, fried pickles, fried potatoes, hush puppies, potato salad and a wide selection of cookies.  Marc Phelps, Board Repair Manager, said “the food was great, but our cholesterol levels are a little high right now.”

Parker Xpress PAC System

June 21, 2013

Parker’s Xpress PAC system implements the standard for PLC programming — IEC61131-3 — but still retains all the powerful control features of the ACR family. Motion can be generated using PLCopen function blocks or the flexible AcroBASIC language. Whether you are a PLC expert or an ACR expert, you’ll hit the ground running developing your motion and logi programs. Pair it with Interact Xpress and your machine control experience is complete.
Click here to see the full application from Parker. Let Innovative-IDM help you with your automation application. Gice us a call at 877-906-2100 or you can email us at

WAGO Video: Perspecto & CoDeSys

June 19, 2013

Check out this cool WAGO video about using CoDeSys to create program & visualization for Perspecto CP.

For all of your WAGO needs contact Innovative-IDM by calling 877-906-2100 or via email at

Buzz Welcomes Ed Hyer to Innovative-IDM

June 18, 2013

Join Buzz in welcoming Ed Hyer to Innovative-IDM! Ed joins Innovative-IDM after 23 years with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida. He grew up in Bean Station, Tenn. and earned his associate’s degree in electronic engineering from RETS Electronic School. Ed’s interests include cooking – smoking & grilling, HD motorcycles, and spending time with his family at the beach.

Buzz sez welcome to Ed Hyer

Memphis Location Hosts First Hoopla

June 17, 2013

firsthooplamemphisIf you’ve never heard of Hoopla, just know it’s a business meeting….with balloon tosses, human chains, chicken suits, and who knows what else. Today, our boys in Memphis hosted the first Innovative-IDM Hoopla in their new Bartlett office. Tim Mueller awarded Memphis Mike Moore the “Golden Wing” award for best paper airplane design. Hoopla should become a more regular event in Memphis. Tulsa, you’re next.