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Reason #437 to Work at Innovative-IDM: Photo Bombs

May 31, 2013

Purchasing chief Jesse Simental’s penchant for photo bombs. Join our team and you’ll find out, too. Also, what is the guy on his knees doing?


Yaskawa Sigma-5 Safety

May 31, 2013

Introduction to the built-in safety feature of Yaskawa’s Sigma-5 Servo Amplifier. Topics include: Safety Standards Certificate, Safety Circuit, Logic, Stop Method, Exampls, Details, and FAQ.

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Choosing and Industrial Electronics Repair Service for AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Amps, Power Supplies

May 30, 2013

Before you send in your circuit boards, sensors, temperature controllers, motion controllers, drives and other devices, know what to look for in a repair service.

DMI Employee of the Month Honored

May 29, 2013

Drink MDMI-Logoachine Incorporated (DMI) announced that Pepper Hastings, VP of Carbonation and Serpentine Feeding Systems, was named DMI Employee of the Month for May 2013. Hastings is pictured below after declaring all is well with Drink Machine’s 28-can cooling shelf and feeding system.

“Hastings has been a model employee who takes initiative and has learned to use Voice Changing technology to further DMI’s call to actions,” said Michael Mueller, VP of Energy Drink Procurement, and the only other employee of DMI. “He deserves this honor.”

Mueller pointed out some of the advantages of being employed by DMI, including no additional compensation AND travel to exciting exotic locations such as Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Costco and Kroger. Mueller says Hastings was treated to a handshake and a Refreshe brand cherry cola in a sparsely attended, brief ceremony at DMI headquarters Tuesday afternoon.


SMC MXS, Air Slide Table, Cross Roller Guide

May 29, 2013

SMC MXS, air slide table, cross roller guide

Applications that call for precise movement ranging from 10-150mm (1/2-6″) typically require a cylinder and a precision guide. The MXS accomplishes this by integrating a cross roller bearing with a guide and two small air cylinders for compact force generation. The MXS is available in six sizes each with set stroke lengths and is standard with auto switch capability. Stroke adjustments are available for extend, retract, or both in ranges of 0-5mm, 0-15mm, and 0-25mm. In addition, there are many other standard options that include, shock absorbers, end lock, axial piping, and buffer.

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Buzz Welcomes Ross Poste to Innovative-IDM

May 28, 2013

Join Buzz in welcoming Ross Poste to Innovative-IDM.  Ross joins Innovative-IDM after 29 years with Easter-Owens Electric Company in Arvada, Colorado.  He grew up in Casper, Wyoming.  Ross enjoys woodworking, vehicle restoration, and teaching his pet new tricks.

Ross Poste joins Innovative-IDM

Omron Sensors Training in Houston June 13

May 28, 2013

Industrial Sensors Training coming to Houston! Learn about photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, limit switches, measurement sensors and more. You will even learn about how vision sensors and systems can help your efficiency and QC. HANDS-ON learning for the applications in your facility.

Omron Sensors Training Houston
June 13, 2013
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Innovative-IDM Training Room
13770 Hollister Road, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77086
$199 (includes catered lunch)

How can using the proper sensors correctly help you and your line? This is where you’ll learn. Be the SENSOR EXPERT at your facility.

Register today for the Houston Omron Sensors training class – contact us at or give us a call at 877.906.2100.  View our full 2013 training schedule on our training website.

Houston Omron Sensors training June 13